Paint Set, Nitro Spray - 2 Colors Opaque


This painting set contains all you need to paint your guitar kit in opaque with 2 colors by using nitrocellulose sprays. This finishing set contains what you need to get the results shown on the picture: a white sealer nitrocellulose spray can, 2 lacquer with the colors of your choice and 2 spray cans of nitrocellulose varnish. This is enough to paint both your guitar body and Neck . Still we propose various option to enhance further the beauty of your guitar kit as well as various tools to make sure you will get a fantastic results.

1. Sanding: Select sanding set to sand guitar body and neck until P400 grit (optional),
2. Grain Filler (optional but advised for open pore woods): Apply grain filler for extra smoothness
3. White primer (required): to prepare the wood to receive your selected color lacquer
4. Color Spray: spray your guitar body and neck the way you want with the 2 provide opaque colors you have selected
5. Varnish: use the nitrocellulose varnish to reveal further the beauty of the wood and protect your guitar.
6. Polishing (optional): Select the polishing kit to get this extra shine and mirror effect for your guitar.

When selecting your paint products, some are optionals. We invite you to readjust at your convenience based on product description below.

* Remind that Nitrocellulose is very toxic and that you will need gloves, respiratory mask as well as a place aerated (open garage close to the exterior). All our finishing kit has been tested by our experts. All our products price include VAT.

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Personnaliser Paint Set, Nitro Spray - 2 Colors Opaque
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Paint Set, Nitro Spray -  2 Colors Opaque
Paint Set, Nitro Spray - 2 Colors Opaque

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    1. Selecting Materials
    The guitar finish materials we propose can be needed if you don’t have it already. Please look to each product individually in the Materials category to understand better the use of each products we propose here:
    - Sanding Paper Set is definitely something you will need (if you don’t have it). During the painting of your guitar you will have to sand your wood several times to make sure to have a smooth and perfect finish.
    - Copper Tape is needed to remove electromagnetic interference and make sure that your pick-up will provide a clean sound without background noise.

    2. Wood Preparation
    - For open pore wood such as mahogany or ash, we strongly advised to use a grain filler in particular when using spray can to apply color and varnish. You can choose a colored grain filler that suits more your guitar paint project. If you used grain filler the use of a clear sealer is less needed but we still strongly advice it for perfect and smooth results. It will be applied after grain filler before applying the solid color.
    - For close pore woods such as maple or bassewood, we suggest to use a white sealer. More varnish coats instead will work as well

    3. White Primer to Seal the Wodd
    One white primer Nitro spray is required to prepare the body to receive your selected color. It wont be necessary on neck if you go for a natural finish on the neck but we suggest to purchase another white primer if you want to color spray the neck:
    - 1x spray of 400mL white primer is needed for the body
    - 1x spray of 400mL white primer is advised if you want to paint your neck.

    4. Coloring the Wood
    2 Lacquer Nitro spray is provided to paint the body and the neck the way you want:
    - 1x spray of 400mL nitrocellulose lacquer of the color of your choice is needed for the body
    - 1x spray of 400mL nitrocellulose lacquer is need if you want also to paint your neck and/or add a 2nd color for the body.

    5. Varnishing Guitar Body & Neck
    A minimum of Two Nitro spray cans is required to varnish the guitar Neck and the guitar Body.
    - 1x nitrocellulose varnish spray for the guitar body
    - 1x nitrocellulose varnish spray for the guitar neck
    It corresponds to a total of 800mL. Note that you can select matt or gloss finish.

    6. Polishing the Guitar Body & Neck (Optional)
    To get a super high gloss, a mirror effect, a protective layer, we recommend the polishing set. Still you will get already a very good results without it but it enhance further the finish of your guitar

    Additional details can be found on each products available in the Guitar Finishing category . Also a complete user guide will be provided when requested by email.


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